I am driven by helping people- it's why I went into Psychology and, now, why I have decided to move into User Experience Research and Design. By understanding patterns of behaviour, I am able to identify opportunities to help. What was helpful in my past career may have been emotional support, but now I am eager to solve problems before they exist or streamlining processes.

Understanding people and their patterns of behaviours when engaging with their environment and its multiple touch points and interfaces intrigues me. These also inform my design decisions during design studio, ideating, wire-framing and prototyping.

Family, Friends, Music and Laughter is what I'm all about. These are what inspires and motivates me in overcoming challenges and in giving my all. 

Research & Thesis

Somatization refers to the experience of physical symptoms causing significant distress though no pathological causes are found (Hotpf, 2004). Though much research has been done on somatization and its symptoms, the studies have lacked in clearly identifying predictors of somatization. Three constructs that have been hypothesised to be related in the development of somatization include; Fantasy absorption, Neuroticism and Self-Control (in particular self-esteem). Surprisingly though only two were found to be significantly related to somatization (i.e. fantasy absorption and neuroticism). The study was also interested in the predictors of hoarding behaviours, which has been identified as the lack in self-control variables. Though this was not supported in this study a surprising result was found in fantasy absorption being highly related to hoarding, indicating a common underlying factor. Further research is required to understand the relationship between the two constructs. In addition a confirmatory factor analysis was done on the measure for fantasy absorption; Fantasy Absorption Scale – 24 (FAS-24; Hough, 2006). Results indicated good internal consistency reliability and construct validity of the scale thus adding further support for the scale as a measure of fantasy absorption. Somatization and hoarding behaviours have a significant impact on the individual, their interpersonal relationships as well as their environment, thus reinforcing the significance of understanding their predicting variables.